Unique Pricing Model
Our no obligation fee estimate describes the services we provide the fund and the cost per service.

Trident Trust Fund Services Establishment Worksheet

Fund Establishment Worksheet

Unique Pricing

We offer fund managers the choice of three pricing models:

  • By Time. Pay us for the work that we do and not as a percentage of the fund's AUM. Our fees do not automatically increase with the growth in the fund's AUM. This is the model followed by the majority of our clients. Our Fee Comparison Chart compares our time spent model with an AUM based fee structure.
  • Monthly Minimum. An agreed monthly fee based on certain assumptions (for example: number of shareholders, frequency of subscriptions and redemptions). If the administration exceeds the agreed minimum, additional fees are charged.
  • AUM. Payment based on a percentage of the average AUM at the end of each period.

New Funds

We assist new managers meet the startup costs for their first year’s operation through a combination of our different pricing models. When the fund reaches an agreed AUM, we determine, in consultation with the manager, the appropriate fee structure to be used.